What is Carbon Impact Hero?

  • CO2 emissions, which are increasing all the time, are influencing climate change.
  • In 2020, humans generated a total of 36 billion tonnes of CO2. 70% of this is directly linked to the use of materials. Cars are responsible for 8%.
  • For example, the carbon footprint of a Toyota Corolla 1.8 Hybrid over a period of five years is 7.7 tonnes, or the weight of four whole Corollas.

Calculate the CO2 emissions generated by driving and the cost of compensating for them.


Total CO2 emissions


Carbon Impact Hero monthly payment



The CO2 emissions generated
by driving can be reduced, but not eliminated.
With Carbon Impact Hero you can compensate for this.



By using the Carbon Impact Hero service to compensate for the CO2 emissions generated by driving, you contribute to reducing CO2 emissions through the reuse of materials.

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The reduced amount of CO2 emissions is based on the KWOTA
international standard, which enables the CO₂ emissions
savings achieved as a result of thereuse of materials
to be precisely measures and verified.


So how does it work?